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Body Mind Nutrition Coaching

Ditch the diet, nourish your body and change the relationship with yourself and with food

Life coaching | Intuitive Eating Coaching

Take care of your body.

It’s the only place you have to live.

Jim Rohn

Do you want to improve your health?

Do you want to feel good with you and your body?

Do you want to lose weight?

Do you want to have a healthy lifestyle and improve your self-image?

I will help you to change your mindset, be more positive and accept yourself unconditionally, while you work on your body and mind.


Adopt new healthy habits, that not only will help you feel good but look good.

Start to work on yourself, on being more mindful and then you will see that it gets easier to take care of yourself and your body.

Mindful & Intuitive Eating

Ditch the diet, change the relationship with food, and learn to listen to your body.

If you have been struggling with dieting, emotional eating, or generally stressing about your weight and about food, this is a good start to make a change.

Personal Growth - Angie Ramos

Personal Growth & Motivation

To look good, you have to feel good. As a life coach, I will give you practices and motivation to remove your emotional blocks, to develop a positive outlook and to love yourself unconditionally.

Succes Journal: Reach your goals, Focus on the good things in life and Be happier

A simple but a powerful journal that will allow you to reach your goals, focus on the good things of life and be happier. This journal includes everything you need to improve your habits, increase your happiness and have a happier and more fulfilled life.

You will be able to:

– Set your lifetime goals and short-term goals

– Monthly and Weekly Planning

– Improve your habits

– Practice positive affirmations

– Practice gratitude

– Maintain a positive attitude

– Focus on the positive

– Improve your mood and your disposition by analyzing your attitude

– Discover where and how to improve

– Review your progress

BeachBody on Demand
Angie Ramos

Angie Ramos

Life coach & Beachbody Coach

I’m a certified life coach by the Robbins-Madanes Training Center.

I think that in order to have a balanced life we have to feel good and take care of our bodies, mind and spirit. That’s why I decided to join Beachbody, since I wanted to include some workout and nutrition plans to compliment your personal growth process.

An essential part of looking good is to start to feel good from the inside, I have designed a unique program that can help you develop a healthy self-image, boost your confidence and self-esteem so that you can remove emotional blocks and negative self-talk.

I can also help you to achieve your weight goals by adding some workout and meal plans that can greatly help you to look good.

You deserve to be happy, to feel good and look great.

Transform your life and your body, I will help you to get there


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