Angie Ramos

Life Coach | Intuitive Eating Coach

Develop your fullest potential to have a life with significance, abundance and happiness.

Hi! I’m Angie Ramos, I am a certified Life Coach by Robbins-Madanes Training Center and a BeachBody Coach.

I’m looking forward to working with you.

A little bit about me

I am an IT Project Manager with more than fifteen years of experience in this profession. This career has helped to build my strengths and to realize what my true mission in life is. Even if it doesn’t look like Project Management and Coaching are related, they really are.

As a project manager, I had to motivate people within my team, understand what their needs were for them to feel happy and be more productive. I had to coach the team to improve their performance, and once I got to know them, I could motivate them and make them feel more empowered.

So in essence, a project manager needs to help people reach their goals, balance their skills and abilities, find a more positive mental state and change their perspective about their environment. All these are essential actions for a life coach. When I started working on myself and trying to found out what my goal in life was, I discovered this wonderful possibility of helping people remember who they really are and how much power they have to live the life of their dreams.

How it all started

I started the personal development path and got to read amazing books, went to conferences, listened to really inspiring people, and it all came to the point where I wanted to share this knowledge, to inspire more people to find a better way of seeing their life and living it.

In 2014, I created a blog (in Spanish) called Habitos Exitosos, where I share some of these ideas, some tools, and practices that can help people to start making changes within themselves.

It was here when I realized that I could do more, that I could help people in a better way. So I decided to get some training as a life coach, to exploit the abilities that I already have in me, and that could be directed towards helping others.

In 2016, I started my training as a life coach and got certified by Robbins-Madanes Institute, where I learned some of the techniques that Tony Robbins uses in some of his interventions and the psychology behind this from Cloe Madanes (a reputed therapist, specialized in family therapy and relationships).

My methodology

My mission

My mission is to establish a close relationship with you to help you recognize and develop your strengths, explore your current situation and to find new and positive ways to make changes and adjustments that will allow you to transform your life and enjoy it.

My focus

As a life coach, my main focus is on identifying your needs and help you find ways to fulfill them in a more positive way, this will create new ways for you to enjoy life and find true happiness. If you want to achieve your weight goals I can help you to do that, not only by working on the outside but starting from the inside with my program designed to accept and love yourself unconditionally.

Feel the change within you and in your relationships

In our sessions, we will talk about you and what you desire, but we will also do activities and strategies that will lead you to experiment a wide range of emotions that will start to build a new vision and perspective. This new vision will be the core of your new way of perceiving life.

Strategic Interventions

In few sessions, you will start to see and feel the change within you and in your relationships. As a life coach using strategic interventions, I will focus on understanding your needs, strengths and all the possibilities that you have to create an authentic, profound and lasting change. This will help you to feel fulfilled and joyful.

During our sessions, you will start to feel more empowered and motivated to do what is necessary to transform the relationship with yourself and with the people who matter most in your life. For me, it is essential to understand your emotions, experiences, personal relationships and what really motivates you in life so that together we can start building the life you truly desire and that you deserve.

You have nothing to lose, except the chance to improve your life if you don’t start investing in yourself.

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