Conscious and Intuitive Eating

Forget about dieting. Find the balance between your mind, body and emotions. Develop a new lifestyle that allows you to enjoy food, nurture yourself and take care of your body.

Start your journey to a better relationship with your body and with food

What is conscious eating?

What is mindful eating?

5 tips to practice conscious eating and change your relationship with food.

What is Intuitive Eating?

What is Intuitive Eating? Here are the 10 principles to start your intuitive eating journey. 

The diets are making you fat

What's the effect of dieting? Are they really helping you to lose weight or are they making you gain weight or binge?

Even the most natural and basic act like eating becomes magical and pleasurable when you do it consciously

You will find resources and articles that will help you adopt intuitive eating into your lifestyle.

Start your journey to a new relationship with your body and food. 

Intuitive eating and mindful eating tips

4 ways to get rid of the diet mentality

4 ways to get rid of the diet mentality

Have you heard about the diet mentality? Are you wondering what is it, and how could it be harming you? The dieting mentality is a way of thinking that has become customary to us because of the way we grew up, what we see and hear from our family and friends, and what...

10 Principles of Intuitive Eating

10 Principles of Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating is not a diet or a popular eating program based on calories reduction, food restriction or carbohydrate counting. It's a philosophy that helps you get rid of diets, to reconnect with yourself and with your body, and most of all to feel free and happy...

El arte de vivir intuitivamente

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- Por qué las dietas no funcionan y qué hacer para liberarte de ellas.

- Cómo lograr tener un equilibrio físico, emocional y mental.

- Elimina el comer emocional y comienza a cuidar de ti y de tu cuerpo

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